Going from strength to strength…we have now published six seasons of SixPack.

Check them out here www.linktr.ee/sixpackpodcast

Gareth and Ryan are back for another season of this much-loved podcast!

This time with extra special guests…

S3E01 – With Lee Thompson of Madness

S3E02 – With Spiral Stairs of Pavement

S3E03 – With Courtney Taylor-Taylor of The Dandy Warhols

S3E04 – With Ian Parton of The Go! Team

S3E05 – With Dave Faulkner of The Hoodoo Gurus

S3E06 – With Rod Argent of The Zombies

Listen to it here! https://linktr.ee/sixpackpodcast

Hot Coppers

I have a new band!!

I wrote a bunch of tunes in 2020, cos what else was I gonna do…?

And they turned out lovely.

So it’s going to be an album coming out on the wonderful Lost and Lonesome recording company, Autumn 2021.

So pumped.

For info on upcoming gigs and releases, https://www.facebook.com/hotcoppersband and https://www.instagram.com/hotcoppers/

As well as the wonderful podcast I do with my son, (My Dad’s Record Collection), I have started a new podcast called SixPack.
“Melbourne music-lovers and drinking buddies, Gareth and Ryan share a six-pack of beer and some favourite tunes from a randomly chosen year. Nonsense, hilarity and good times!”

It’s a lot of fun, check it out… https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/sixpack/id1552677198

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Everyone knows that podcasts are where it’s at these days…so I’ve joined the party.

Check out my podcast “My Dad’s Record Collection”



I’ve been pretty bad at updating my discography on this site…

Fortunately, those lovely people at www.discogs.com have been adding all the latest projects I’ve worked on.

So head over to GARETH PARTON CREDITS to see some of my work. (More than 200 credits!)


VR Audio Wormhole


I have become obsessed by immersive audio for VR…(that’s not me in the picture by the way)

I’ve fallen for the hype and assault of every soothsayer and taste-maker’s claim that VR, /AR etc will have a big impact on ‘the way we see the world’…Zuckerman, who bought Occulus for a hefty multi-billion $ deal claims that

“VR is the next major computing platform that will come after mobile.” 

So, as an audio engineer, mixer, producer I’m very interested to see the impact this will have on my world.

I am promised by many that the future of audio is immersive. This means that sound will need to be mixed with the considerations of headphones and most interestingly, head tracking.

Most engineers (or audio students) worth their salt will understand the way that the ear perceives directionality of a sound. Through the clues of inter-aural time and level differences as well as the subtle Head Related Transfer Function of an individuals head and pinna. As mix engineers working in stereo, this hasn’t been a factor worth fussing over. But now…

There are many many audio plugin, software and hardware manufactures rushing out new products that allow the music creator or mix engineer to create a realistic 3D environment in headphones, that reacts to the head movement of the listener to mimc a true acoustic space. It’s bonkers and witchcraft.

(Perhaps, the mix engineer of the future will mix stereo as an afterthought in the same why I might check mono compatibility.)

If you are keen to discover what I’ve been looking at, I recommend:

The main conclusion I get from this foray into VR world is, everyone seems to be making it up as they go along… there are no standardised work flows, no easy implementation across all platforms or browsers. It’s still the wild west…but that’s today. Tomorrow something else will be released which will be better. And next week, something else.

Get in quick.



MelbourneTradeShowPostcardG’day cobbers!

I’m organising this awesome event on 24th September 2016 at SAE Institute, Melbourne

The idea is for all of the big audio software and hardware manufacturers and sellers to congregate in one place and show off their latests goods. It coincides with the beginning of trimester for new SAE students so is a great opportunity for the exhibitors to promote their educational pricing (has Daddy given you some money to spend!!?) Open to the public – and it’s free!! (though you must register)

So far we have…

plus stands by Music Victoria, HearSmart, Tom Larkin’s Studios In The City, Mute Audio (Hearing Protection) and Future Music Industry Network

Get your tickets from http://melbourneaudiotradeshow.eventbrite.com and sign up to the Facebook event page to get up-to-date news of the event.

I’ve just finished watching the movie “Good Vibrations” about a small time record shop owner in Belfast during “The Troubles”.

An enjoyable watchable  film with a charismatic protagonist and engaging story arch backed up with an authentic punk soundtrack…but….

i’m left wondering how much is true and how much is bullshit.

This is mainly because I’ve been seriously scarred by the recent Alan Turing biopic “The Imitation Game” where 99% of it is Hollywood fantasy designed for the multiplex retard.

Despite Alan Turing’s real story being truly amazing, the filmmaker thought it needed spicing…”by ‘spicing up’, I mean ‘making up’.. ( do some research but it’s really poor)

Now I’m not stupid and I realise that a true tale may need a little bit of sugar to make it palatable for yr man in the street but it would be nice to know exactly how much is a porky

Growing up I enjoyed “The Birth Of The Beatles” (You know, the one where Nick Cotton plays George Harrison) and who didn’t love “Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story)

These days it seems that a meal needs to be made (when a snack will do)

I suggest when you watch such a tale…have your smartphone at hand and research the true story….


Despite my youthful demenour and spritely appearance I will, in fact be forty-frigging-five at the end of this year.

This number means a bit more to me than forty or fifty. It may be because I read Bill Drummond‘s book (45) and many of his ramblings resonated with me. (In the same way his Manual did)

I feel like I should do something “special” to celebrate the fact I’ve made it this far. (If for some reason, I have a hideous accident,  heart failure or fatal gardening incident prior to December, feel free to laugh at this in my atheist wake.)

In a pseudo-celebration of this arbitrary anniversary, I propose the following:

  • I will collect 45 seven inch singles. they will all mean “something” to me. I will play them at my 45th birthday party.
  • I will make a recording that will feature 45 of my friends, colleagues, associates and artists who I have worked with. The recording will feature acoustic guitars and vocals only and sound a bit like the drones of Glenn Branca – for no reason other than ‘limitations are nice’.

I also like that fact that ‘forty five’ sounds a bit like ‘fortified’.

(Expect a phone call soon…)